Poker is one of the most popular card games around the world. International tournaments attract fans from all over the world, and the sums that can be won are astronomically large. Nowadays it is not necessary to visit a casino to play this exciting game. Fortunately for poker fans, there are more and more places where you can play online. How can you do that?

First of all, find a casino!

Online casinos are popping up quite quickly. The desire to get a lot of cash is in many people’s minds and more and more people are looking for opportunities to multiply their savings through gambling. This is the reason why there is so much demand on the market nowadays and that is why the creators of such portals go out of their way to provide online gambling opportunities.

It is worth knowing that online poker is offered by most of the big online bookmakers. This is next to roulette one of the most popular gambling games, so many companies operating in this industry rely on it.

How to play poker online?

The first step is to create an account on one of the portals offering this game. The choice is quite wide so you should check which company offers the best welcome bonus for new players and what are the conditions for its withdrawal. Very often it so happens that the received prize must be rotated several times to be able to withdraw the gained money.

At this point it’s also worth checking the reviews of the portal, paying special attention to the withdrawal conditions and the opinions of other users on this subject. Sometimes it happens that in case of large amounts you have to wait quite a long time for it. You should therefore be prepared for any possibility, especially when a person intends to play for big money.

Poker online rules

In general, they do not differ much from a standard “on-site” casino game. The most common variation is Texas Hold’em.

When playing this type of poker, each player is dealt two cards, which they hold in their “hand”. Then, the dealer places another three cards on the table, followed by the betting. If there are players at the table who want to raise, the dealer adds more cards, so that there are a maximum of 5 cards on the table.

The winner of the hand is the player who makes the best hand with the cards in his hand and the cards on the table. When there is a tie (i.e. two players have the same hand), the player with the stronger fifth card wins.

The ranking of hands in Texas Holdem is as follows:

The strongest and highest scoring hand in poker is the Royal Flush. This consists of five cards in the same suit – Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. There are only 4 possibilities for this flush to occur in one game.

Another one is the Straight Flush. This is a slightly lower ranked hand, but it is still a high scoring hand. This hand consists of five cards of the same suit whose values follow one another. This could be, for example, a ten to a six in diamonds.

Next after Flush is Four of a Kind. This poker hand consists of four cards of identical value. The four cards can be tens, jacks, kings or any other figure. If two players have the same hand, then the player with the highest card wins.

One of the most popular hands is Full House. It consists of three cards of the same value and two more of the same value. This can be, for example, three kings and two tens.

A Flush is five cards of the same suit, and the order of the cards is not important.

Straight is five cards of different suits, but arranged in a straight order. This could be, for example, a poker hand made up of a King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine.

Three of a Kind is three cards of the same value that make a three of a kind. The next two cards held in the hand are then random. The winning player is always the one with the highest three of a kind.

Two Pairs creates a hand that consists of two pairs of cards of the same value. This could be, for example, two kings and two tens.

One Pair Two out of five cards in a hand make a pair if they have the same value. This could be e.g. two Aces.

High Card is the lowest hand in poker. It is used when none of the players have any of the hands described above. In this case, the player with the highest card wins.

Knowing such basis of playing poker you can try your skill with other players all around the world choosing one of the online casino. You should remember to keep the cold head and do not bet all of your money on the one game!