Selecting the right logistics company might be the key to success. Thus, you should pay careful attention to the options you have. Wrong choice and shifting transports in time means not only financial losses, but also loss of credibility. How to choose the best logistics provider?

Company tailored to your needs

The company might be the best for one and the worst for other. Looking for logistics company, you should think carefully, what areas are important to you. Do you need fast shipments? Are your goods fragile and require special attention during shipment? How far will you move them?

Try to think about short-term and long-term needs of your company. After all, the fact that they will fulfill your needs at the moment doesn’t mean that this specific logisctics company will be proper for you in the next couple of months or even years. Also, try to consider more things than the prices. They are of course important, but not the only value.

Safety as the highest value

By that, we mean both workers and goods safety. Of course, it’s hard to tell whether your goods are being treated carefully, but what you can check for sure is whether previous customers are satisfied with the services provided.

The good and bad thing in the internet is that anyone can write anything there. It means that it doesn’t really matter, whether the opinion is true or not – it can be written. Even if the copany fights with false comments – they can raise doubts, which is perfectly understandable. Try to find a previous (or, even better) current company customer, who will be able to give you specific details about work of the logistics.

Customer service – is it satisfying?

Transport is not only the cars and their safety or effectiveness. It’s also the people you contact with. If you’re not sure, whether the company you’re interested in is worth a shot – try to check, how does the contact look like.

Good idea might be writing an e-mail to the customer service. If they respond relatively quickly and you are satisfied with the quality of the response – the company might be the right choice. However, if they never respond or it seems you received some sort of automatic response – you might want to pick other company. Keep in mind, that you will frequently contact the customer service, i.e. in case of doubts about the invoice or any other important matters.

How long is the company in business?

It’s also important from the customer’s point of view. While there is nothing wrong in being new, companies which exist on the market for at least a couple of years are more reliable. If they were able to survive on this rather edgy market, they must be good.