Poker is a card game, usually played with a deck of 52 cards (though different sizes might be used in some types of the game). The main goal is to win the prize – represented by cash or chips (in the sport version of poker). It can be achieved by getting the best set of cards or so called bluff – type of game, which aims to force a specific type of behavior on opponents.

Types of bluff

As written before, bluff is a way of winning poker game, when the player doesn’t have a good hand. The effect is accomplished by playing aggresively: raising high and playing quick – acting as if you have a rally good set of cards.

Another type of bluff is acting as if your cards are low (while having a really strong hand): playing slowly, hesitating before rising and so. This kind of behavior is supposed to make other players believe your cards aren’t good and thus – cause him to big inadequately high.

Main rules of Poker

Some types of poker require a payment in order to join the game, while in others you have to bet on players following the dealer. Either way, some kind of payment is required.

During a game of poker, each of the players get a set of cards – the number varies in different types of the game. I.e. – in Texas Hold’em – it’s two cards for every player and five table ones. The main goal of the game is to get the best set of cards, allowing you to win over your opponents.

During the gamr, you can make one of six moves: fold (resignation from playin during current game, equal to losing all chips), check (not betting, not folding – waiting for opponent’s move), call (equaling the amount of money/chips bet by another player in current round), bet (setting first raise in ongoing round), raise (means raising the bid – other players have to either bet the same or higher amount or fold), all-in (betting all money/chips collected during the game).

There are a few types of poker hands, which you can collect during the game. Their names (from strongest to weakest) are:

  • royal flush (from ace to ten),
  • straight flush (five cards in a row in the same colour),
  • four of a kind (four equal cards, i.e. nines),
  • full house (three of a kind and a pair),
  • flush (all cards in the same colour, not in sequence),
  • straight (five cards in a row, at least one of them is in opposite colour),
  • three of a kind (three cards of the same value),
  • two pair (two pairs of cards),
  • one pair (one pair of cards),
  • high card (each set of cards, which cannot be qualified to above types).

The higher set you have, the bigger are your chances of winning the game.